ARMC Global has written and created both high and low band e-learnings for Bank of America, Citibank, Lucent Technologies, Bank of Tokyo, GSK and GMAC/Ally. For example:

Building Bridges: Moving Beyond Diversity to Proactive Inclusion®:
Building Bridges is a highly impactful and interactive e-learning module with global concepts that teaches employees the essentials to building world class teams, focusing on customers and ensuring the competitive successes of the organization. This training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to operate effectively in multicultural environments. From senior leadership to the front lines, all employees will learn how to enhance their own abilities to become effective members of diverse world-class teams. Finally, Building Bridges links company values to Proactive Inclusion®, Diversity and GlobalTREEsm. It moves the values from the wall to the halls.

Issues in the new Millennium: “All of Us”:
This e-learning focus on:
– Assisting employees to recognize implicit and explicit stereotypes and biases in their behavior.
– Understanding how stereotypes and biases negatively affect human interactions and business effectiveness domestically and globally.
– Providing insights that will allow employees to recognize issues which impact the ability of the organization to utilize the views and ideas of all of its employees from various countries and cultures.
Helping employees to understand and develop solutions for a variety of issues such as:
– Differences and similarities around vision and change management.

– Scheduling meetings: time zone and holiday conflicts.

– Faux pas around dietary restrictions.

– Feedback in meetings: Preference for direct feedback or indirect feedback.

– Saving face: important or unimportant.

– Decision making: consensus versus leader led.

– Getting to know you versus getting down to business.

Diversity and Proactive Inclusion®:
The focus of this e-learning was to present Companies’ philosophy and position on Diversity and Proactive Inclusion®: It emphasizes the business case for Diversity and Proactive Inclusion®: give participants insights about the factors that get in their way of creating high performance diverse teams. Solutions are offered for both the employees and the companies to solve identified problems.

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