Based on its innovative Life Experiences and Values Inventory (LEVI) ARMCG is writing a book which will provide the reader insights about how to create constructive positive conversations related to issues such as racism, xenophobia, gender biases, Islamic phobia, homophobia etc. It will not be a 10 steps to creating positive conversations, it will be an innovative, self-analyses approach with key recommendations to overcome many of the barriers that get in the way of even approaching the subject.
ARMC Global also is working on a new book that focuses on the glass-ceiling phenomenon and the perception of female managers in different countries such as Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and USA.
A third book ARMCG is working is to determine leadership principles the prophet Muhammad espoused which can be useful in the 21st century based on ARMCG’s GlobalTREESM and Proactive Inclusion® philosophies and strategies.
Currently, ARMCG also is analyzing Diversity Conflicts on the six Continents. What is similar? What is different? What is the Solution?.

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