ARMC Global assures through this process of examining and evaluating training and organizational performance through systematic assessments, analysis and data collection.

Diagnostics determine and evaluate the performance levels of the organizations, as well as the impact of training on the overall enterprise. In short, managers can learn what is working and what is not.
Our team will examine the Key Performance Metrics that enables our clients to determine the root causes of problems and create solutions to enhance performance for both the organization and its clients.

Results can include improved content development and better strategic alignment to business goals.

Diagnostics activities often follow the process of strategic alignment, in which ARMCG professionals work with the clients to determine needs and understand their objectives using the following assessment tools created by ARMCG:

  • Proactive Inclusion®
  • GlobalTREEsm (Trust, Respect, Empathy & Ethics)
  • LEVI® (Life Experiences & Values Inventory)

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