Whether you are an experienced manager, someone newly promoted to a supervisory role, or an employee seeking professional development and growth, our set of training modules is designed to enhance your core skills and help you succeed through innovative strategies and tools such as:

Global/Cultural Competencies for Companies & Employees:
Assessment Tools, Development Strategies, Measurement Tools

Business Cases:
Diversity, Ethics, Proactive Inclusion®, GlobalTREE℠

Accountability Models and Implementations:
Business & Professional Ethics, Diversity, Proactive Inclusion®, Teambuilding, GlobalTREE℠

Measurement Tools, Models, Strategies

Human Understanding:
Tools to measure Human Behavior, Insights into Human Behavior, Changing Human Behavior

Change Management:
Conflict Resolution, Preparing for Change, Leading Change, Measuring Effectiveness, Creating GlobalTREE℠

Leadership/Associate Development:
Accessing Talent, Developing Talent, Sustaining Talent.

training & development


ARMCG make sure to deliver training sessions and workshops as per our clients’ requirements:




  • Courses can be offered as open-to-the-public and/or private sessions.
  • Private sessions are fully customizable to meet companies’ needs.
  • Each course is built from a core prospectus and then customized to match company’s culture, style, needs, and focus.
  • Our sessions are conversational and engaging—we do not lecture.
  • We can deliver stand-alone courses, as well as develop continuous learning programs for our clients.

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