At the core of ARMCG’s success is our passionate and talented leadership team.  Each of our leaders possesses extensive experience, and they represent proficient experts in their own unique fields of study.  All members of our diverse leadership team are constantly collaborating and ardently pursuing the best way to deliver our services.


Dr. John P Fernandez, President

Dr. John P. Fernandez is the founder and president of Advanced Research Management Consultants Global, LLC. Prior to founding ARMC Global, John worked for 15 years at AT&T, becoming the first Black division level operati
ons manager. Responsible for a division that had over 500,000 customers, John developed and enhanced processes for selling, construction, engineering, human resource management and technological innovation.Based on his extensive experience working with many corporate clients and issues, John has written and produced more than 36 videos on human resource management, leadership, cross-cultural teams, Diversity and Proactive Inclusion®, and GlobalTREE℠ from a global perspective. He has written and developed e-learnings for Bank of America, Citibank, GlaxoSmithKline, and Lucent.Dr. John P. Fernandez is the author of 10 books and has received critical acclaim as one of the world’s leading thinkers in areas of leadership, teambuilding, diversity, childcare, eldercare, and human resource management. He is currently working on a new book about glass-ceiling phenomenon, and the global perception of female managers.After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, John received his Ph.D. from the University California at Berkeley. As a highly sought out speaker, John has appeared on CNBC, CNN and Marketplace on National Public Radio. John has taught at Yale, New York University, Antioch, and the University of Pennsylvania.

David Nasitir, Head of Research and Methodology

Dr. David Nasatir is a specialist in the utilization of quantitative methods in social science. He has provided relevant consultation to a broad variety of clients in both the public and private sector. Clients have included international organizations, small local agencies, and corporations of all sizes. He has also provided expert witness testimony in the courtroom. Consultation has been provided on topics as diverse as educational evaluation, organizational design, management techniques, social impact analysis, futures prediction, regional planning, transportation, public health, demographics, public opinion, survey research design, interviewer supervision, data analysis, computing, and statistics. He has worked in a variety of cultural settings both within and outside of the United States, including West Africa, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, and he is conversant in German and French. Dr. Nasatir has taught graduate level social science courses at eight universities on three continents. He has taught negotiating techniques to purchasing agents from AT&T, PG&E and the Bank of America and facilitated diversity training workshops for the U.S. Postal Service. He has published extensively and has presented the results of his original research at numerous scientific and professional meetings throughout the world. David has been recognized with the award of a position as a Senior Fulbright Scholar.

téléchargementSevgi Fernandez, Senior Vice President of Race and Cultural Diversity

Sevgi founded Diverse World Coaching 8 years ago after many years working with high risk youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in working with blended, cross-cultural and interracial families as well as individuals struggling with racial identity formation, anxiety and depression. Sevgi has a successful blog covering that reaches readers in over 35 countries She is a published author and seasoned speaker. She is the Senior Vice President of Race and Cultural Diversity at ARMCGlobal providing research, executive coaching and product development. She did her graduate and post graduate work in psychology at the Western Institute for Social Research and now sits on their board of directors.

Sarah Z1773b9_38360906617e4a5582e8e97bf7efdf6c-mv2arrouk, Executive Vice President of HR Consulting & Business Development

Sarah Zarrouk is responsible for developing innovative strategies to expand ARMCG’s market penetration throughout the world. She is also responsible for identifying strategies to increase ARMCG’s profitability with existing clients.
Prior to joining ARMCG, Sarah served as a Team Leader and business development head in a business development and trade company based in GCC Countries. She also was a Project Leader in an international telecommunications solutions company. Sarah is an expert in several areas such as Key Performance Indicators, Business Process Management, Lean Six Sigma and Human Resources Management, optimizing Service Delivery, HR Management and Talent Acquisition. She also has a strong expertise in Data Analysis, long-term Strategic Planning and managing Business Performance.
She holds a masters degree in Technology Management and Business Innovation. Her bachelor’s degree is in higher Management Studies and she has a Management Quantitative Methods Diploma. Actually, she is Certified Profiles Assessor also, Certified Green Belt Six Sigma. She is preparing to be certified LBBSS.
She is able to conduct business in French, English and Arabic.

 Malia Bruker, Senior Editor and Facilitator

Malia Bruker recently joined ARMC Global to write and produce materials and literature. She is an experienced w
riter, producer and filmmaker. Prior to her time at ARMC Global, Malia worked at the national news and documentary channel Free Speech TV. As Production Manager, Writer and Producer for the news magazine Source Code, she helped create and lead a national team of independent filmmakers and citizen journalists using a unique model in news production. Malia was also a key member in the development of Free Speech TV’s flagship daily news and discussion show GRITtv. Malia graduated summa cum laude from Florida State University, where she worked on a number of award-winning documentary and narrative films. Her writing has appeared in the Journal of Film and Video and her films have screened internationally and throughout the United States. Her honors include a Temple University Fellowship, the Ben Lazar off Screenwriting Scholarship, and the Knight Arts Short Film Competition at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Barbara Borowitz Garlan, Managing Director

Barbara Borwitz Garlans is an independent communications consultant and educator. For more than 25 years, Barbara has helped executives identify key messages and implement creative communication strategies critical to their personal advancement as well as to the success of their business. Her expertise includes conducting intensive personal communication style assessments and determining individual plans for improvement. Among those who benefit most from Barbara’s individualized programs are women and people from diverse backgrounds who are emerging leaders in their organizations. Barbara’s approach to addressing sensitive human resource issues, diversity challenges, and multicultural concerns is valuable to executives responsible for communicating key messages within an organization, to the communities they serve, shareholders, industry or regulatory groups, and the press.


Jillian McWhirter, Senior Associate

Jill McWhirter has been working with ARMC Global for nine years as head of casting for their live performances and educational videos. She manages over 75 ARMC Global performances. A key role she performs is to direct the players in rehearsals and live performances. She has starred in numerous films, television and stage productions. For the past five years she has been writing screenplays.

Alex Silva, Senior Associate

For seven years, Alex has coordinated many of ARMCG’s programs. She has assisted in writing and producing numerous scripts and training materials. She also has facilitated programs on Diversity, Proactive Inclusion®, GlobalTREE℠ and Teambuilding.Alex Silva is an
experienced writer and producer. She began her career at Fox Television producing commercials and a talk show geared towards community affairs and “Tweens.” Alex moved on to educational programming at TI-IN network directing and producing educational videos. Her videos were used for Staff Development training and teaching children History and Language in schools and organizations across the U.S.She is a graduate of SL.Mary’s University with degree in communication and Radio-Television-Film.

Benjamin Johnson, Senior Associate

Benjamin Johnson has held a number of roles at ARMC Global in the past 12 years. He is the associate in charge of all technical requirements.
In addition, Benjamin manages and coordinates all surveys such as leadership, teambuilding, Proactive Inclusion®, GlobalTREE℠ and Diversity.
He has also conducted focus groups, interviews, and has created adolescent programs throughout the city. Benjamin received his Bachelor’s degree from LaSalle University in Psychology with a minor in Statistics and is currently working on his Master’s degree in Education at Strayer University.

Alyssa Pearson, Director of Writing and Research

Alyssa recently joined ARMC Global as a writer and researcher. She is an experienced writer, filmmaker, and scholar. Alyssa has worked as an instructor at three different institutions teaching arts and media, speech and debate, and writing. She is a member of multiple professional organizations where she has presented and won awards for both her academic writing and film-making. Alyssa was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from Malone University, where she won the departmental grant for film production her last two consecutive years and was voted Outstanding Student 2010. She is currently finishing her MFA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University. Her honors include a Temple University Assistantship, 2nd place in the Debut Category of the Gender Issues Division BEA 2011, 1st place Varsity Speaking from the National Christian College Forensics Invitational 2009, and the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Foundation grant for film production. Alyssa considers herself an avid storyteller, and is interested in sharing stories that offer truth and reflection.


Michael Garwood, IT Administrator

Michael recently joined ARMC Global as an IT Administrator, providing tech support and insight on how to optimize efficiency and security solutions. He is self-taught in his field, with 400+ computers repaired and 10 years of professional experience supporting house calls, small businesses, national franchises, private schools, and non-profit organizations. He is currently working on obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.


Erin Hart, Vice President of Administration

Erin has been working for ARMC Global for 3 years. She provides business communication, administrative and financial support services for ARMCG. In addition, Erin creates and maintains our website, public relations and marketing materials, and other public documents. She conducts research on relevant subjects and partners in writing and editing training materials, books, videos, and e-learning. Erin graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education, a Bachelor’s in Fine Art and a minor in Art History and Women and Gender Studies.


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